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FMLA Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Join the Disabilty Colleague Network Group

The Cornell University Disability Colleague Network Group is a university-sponsored employee resource group. Our mission is to raise awareness, serve as an educational resource, provide support, and offer peer mentorship for those working with short term or long term disabilities, their supervisors, colleagues, allies, and other supporters.

Medical Leaves Benefits

Cornell's Medical Leaves Administration (pdf) office helps coordinate many resources that can enhance the health and well-being of all faculty and staff and maximize the quality of working life while minimizing the negative impact of illness and disability.

Medical Leaves Administration Services

The following services are available to: work units, departmental human resource representatives, supervisors and staff and faculty.

Injury Prevention

Long Term Disability

Short Term Disability

Worker's Compensation

Disability Accommodation

Staff from Medical Leaves Administration are always willing to meet with faculty and staff regarding any medical leave or disability accommodation issues. In order to initiate a request for disability accommodation, you may fill out the Cover Page and Medical Verification Form and return those to Medical Leaves. However, if you would rather speak with someone from Medical Leaves before submitting a request, please contact us and we will be happy to further discuss your situation.

Leave Procedures and Forms

Please review the nonacademic staff leave policy: Time Away from Work. The following forms and procedures should be used in conjunction with the university nonacademic staff leave policy.

View the Employee Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act

Family Health Leave

Parental Leave

Personal Medical Leave

Military Leave

Online Accident Reporting Form

Catastrophic Leave Donation