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Cornell University Retirement Plan (CURP): Cornell Ithaca (Endowed) and Cornell NYC Tech

**Update: Check out the new tiered retirement plan structure effective Oct. 1, 2014.**

The CURP Plan is designed to provide retirement income to endowed employees during their retirement.


Endowed employees based upon job position and scheduled hours of service. Contact Benefit Services for your individual eligibility date.

How to Enroll

  1. Enter a Workday election to let Cornell know which direction to send your money.

    Log onto Workday > Click on the Menu icon to the left of the search box > All About Me > Benefits button > Change: Benefits > choose Retirement Savings from the drop-down menu, enter today’s date to hit the next possible paycheck (it may take 1-2 pay periods to settle in), click Submit at the bottom > Open > Enter percentages from there under the Cornell University Retirement Plan section, if you are changing elections to your TDA (your own contributions) you could adjust here as well, click Continue > review, click Submit.
  2. Set up formal account(s) specifically for the Cornell University Retirement Plan (CURP) (or the TDA if enrolling or the first time) on the TIAA-CREF and/or Fidelity websites to designate beneficiaries and fund allocations. 


Currently, the university pays the full cost of the retirement provided from this plan by contributing 10% of the eligible employee’s base pay. Base pay is limited to $265,000 for 2015.  You are not required, nor permitted, to contribute to this plan. In certain circumstances, the university also makes contributions on summer salaries of research grants for academic employees when approved by the principal investigator of the grant.


These contributions are currently deposited with TIAA-CREF and/or Fidelity Investments on a per pay period basis for each participant. Each participant selects the investment funds into which these contributions are deposited. TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investments offer many funds for investment of these contributions. If a participant fails to submit a completed application to Benefit Services (to select investment funds), then contributions made on their behalf will automatically be deposited 50% into a TIAA-CREF lifecycle fund and 50% into a Fidelity Freedom lifecycle fund, both based on the participant's date of birth. Quarterly statements are either mailed directly to the participant’s home or sent online to the participant by the investment vendor. The quarterly Vendor Performance Summary is available on line for your convenience.

A participant may change their investment selection for their current account balance at any time by contacting either TIAA-CREF or Fidelity by phone or online to move money from one fund to another within the same investment vendor. A participant may also change their investment vendor allocation for future contributions by entering a Workday election.


Retirement Age 55 and 10 years of credited service
Minimum Distribution Age 70 1/2 and has not begun benefit
Death Paid to designated beneficiary

Other Termination of employment

In-service distributions

Minimum Distribution Age 70 1/2 (Optional)

Disability Receiving university long-term disability benefits and/or receiving Social Security disability benefits. Distribution is limited to 99% of participant's account balance once a year.
Phased Retirement Available for faculty and staff

Loans Not available