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Supporting Diverse Communities

Cornell strives to create an environment that supports all aspects of diversity. The following programs and resources are available to support the specific needs of Cornell's diverse communities.

Community of Color

  • International Students and Scholars Office: assists individual international students and foreign academic staff and their families by advising them concerning federal immigration, tax and labor regulations, and by providing counseling on personal, academic and cultural matters.
  • Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives: provides programs and services designed to meet eligible students' specific needs and achieve our ultimate goal of retaining our enrolled students at Cornell and facilitating a timely graduation for each one.

Disability Resources

  • Cornell University has a commitment to disability access for faculty, staff and students in six priority areas: 1) physical accessibility of the campus; 2) educational programs and services; 3) technology; 4) communication; 5) employment; and 6) emergency preparedness and evacuation.
  • Cornell University Disability Information: Cornell University is committed to diversity and inclusiveness with the goal of providing an accessible and welcoming environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors to the campus, while complying with federal, state, and local disability regulations. This website serves as a central clearinghouse on disability-related information for the Cornell community.
  • Student Disability Services (SDS): SDS facilitates services and accommodations so that Cornell students with disabilities enjoy the same exceptional opportunities as their peers with the greatest degree of independence possible.
  • Disability Accommodation Policy: This policy describes the disability accommodation process for faculty and staff with links to accommodation request forms.
  • Disability Accommodation Frequently Asked Questions: Poses questions and answers to help guide faculty and staff through the disability accommodation process.
  • Resolving Cornell Community Member Concerns Related to Disability Issues (pdf) is achieved through a number of programs that the university has established. Students and faculty and staff with a disability can request a reasonable accommodation to assist them with their academic pursuit or employment. In addition, the university has established grievance procedures for students and for faculty and staff to bring forward concerns related to disability status.
  • Inclement Weather Program: Struggling to get to or from your worksite once you are on campus during inclement weather? Cornell has a voluntary program for faculty and staff with short or long-term mobility impairments who have difficulty getting to or around their worksite during inclement weather. To see if the program meets your needs, please fill out this voluntary inclement weather questionnaire (pdf), or obtain a printed copy from the Office of Workforce Policy and Labor Relations at 254-7232 or

Related Links

LGBT Community

  • LGBT Resource Center: affirms lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender identities and lives, and provides education, outreach, programming, program support, consultation, community development, visibility, and advocacy.
  • Transgender Resources: Cornell has established a number of programs and services to support its commitment to an inclusive environment for transgender students, staff, faculty and alumni.

Military Community


Religious Resources

  • Cornell United Religious Work (CURW) website: CURW, comprised of more than twenty-six affiliated communities, offers programs of worship, study, and social life, as well as opportunities for students to engage In interfaith dialogue. CURW is a department in the division of Student and Academic Services.
  • Religious Accommodation (coming soon): Cornell's commitment to diversity includes a commitment to embracing religious diversity. This human resource policy includes policy information and links to accommodation request forms.
  • Guidelines for inclusive seasonal displays (pdf): In an effort to create a safe and inclusive environment, these display guidelines provide information on displays that are consistent with Cornell's commitment to diversity, the appropriate use of religious symbols, and guidelines for fire safety.

Women's Resource Center

  • The Cornell Women's Resource Center is dedicated to serving the entire Cornell community with mutual respect, honesty, and openness. The CWRC values women and men coming together to end sexism, along with all forms of oppression and maintaining an environment where all are free to affirm and celebrate their differences and commonalties.