Cornell University is a large, diverse, institution with a multitude of activities happening every day.  Staff have the opportunity to contribute to the missions of the university in a variety of ways while using their talents to grow their careers. 

We aim to create a workplace that engages you and motivates you to grow and challenge yourself as you help us serve our students, the faculty, families, alumni, guests, and the greater good.

Explore the resources of this website and follow-up with any of the professionals in Talent Planning here to support you in your professional development journey.

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The Office of Talent Planning

If you are planning your career or helping others plan their careers, Cornell’s Office of Talent Planning website will direct you to a wealth of information including career self-assessment, job search tools and career planning information and resources.

Talent Planning offers a suite of services that work together to provide consulting, strategic planning, and direct services for increasing staff retention and engagement while preparing for effective succession planning.

About Career Development
Career development is the path taken by the employee, with support and encouragement from management, using tools and resources provided by the organization, to build life-long careers and achieve long-term work/life satisfaction.

Cornell’s Office of Talent Planning is a leader in innovative career programs and services. We develop strategies, planning tools, resources and programs to stimulate communication about work and development planning, and to help employees develop in their current roles and prepare for future opportunities.

The primary goals of our Career Development Facilitators are to empower staff in all phases of career development and to provide resources for career exploration. Assisting individuals with developing their career potential is an aspect of talent management that positions Cornell to recruit and retain a talented and diverse workforce.

  • Career development has three facets: It must be a shared responsibility between the employee, management and the organization in order to be meaningful.

Career Development Model