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For education and training on avoiding sexual harassment and discrimination, including Respect at Cornell, contact: Laurel Parker

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As part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Cornell is making a concerted effort to ensure that our community can identify potential acts of prohibited harassment and discrimination and know who to contact and consult about it. Our aim is to make sure campus remains a safe and respectful academic and workplace environment focused on education.

To help achieve that aim, Cornell has developed a valuable brief online course, Respect@Cornell: Eliminating Harassment and Discrimination. Our goal is for all Cornell faculty and staff, approximately 9,000 individuals, to complete the course. This is an opportunity for all of us to better understand our obligations and mechanisms for sharing information with appropriate university officials about possible prohibited harassment and discrimination.

Being able to identify and bring these behaviors to the attention of these university officials are keys to preventing them. And prevention will help maintain and enhance a respectful campus environment that supports a diverse and inclusive educational community. 

Accessing the Course

To access the course, go to: and follow these instructions.

The course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. You may take the course in approximately 10-minute increments so you can leave and return to it. Upon completion, you will receive an email confirmation of the completion. 

Campus Progress

Population Enrollments Completions
Academic Non-Faculty 411 341
Academic Other 177 129
Faculty 512 413
Grad Students Group 29 18
Other 106 106
Staff 4,471 3,985
Student 59 47
Temporary 236 209
Union 1,274 1,163
Grand Total 7,176 6,411

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